Fleet Planner

NEXOGEN Fleet Planner is an on-demand SaaS AI solution that supports in-house planners with better, faster and more scalable FTL cargo-to-truck planning capabilities.

Fleet Planner at a glance


The system receives cargo and truck data from the TMS system and then performs a global plan that can be reviewed and approved by the user.


This approved pair will be sent back to the TMS for dispatching. This way planners are still in control of the planning process and able to do manual override if necessary.


The Fleet Planner is a powerful ally for human planners due to its speed and performance when coping with a large amount of data and complexity.




We diagnose the company to make sure that it is well prepared for AI integration.



As a result of the diagnostics, we assist in the execution of the required change management workstreams. For example filling up data gaps or fixing operational misalignments.



We connect NEXOGEN Fleet Planner to the Transport Management System (TMS) for order and truck information.



We help the in-house planning team to get up to speed on the new planning process and help them benchmark the quality of the AI planning.



We Go-Live once the new AI-driven process is delivering a measurable value uplift through all main KPIs such as utilization and empty runs.

AI in cargo-to-truck

The goal of the AI in the case of cargo-to-truck planning is to assign as many orders as possible at the lowest cost. The reason why this planning exercise is difficult for a human being is that as the number of loads and trucks increase, there is too much data and complexity for one human to deal with.

Market-leading KPIs

The good news is that this is something that AI algorithms excel at this task. However AI still needs guidance on which decisions are desirable and which are not. Since one of the main objectives is cost, in order to function with efficiency the AI will need to know the cost and boundaries of all the rules and constraints that make up the optimization problem. Once this is configured, the AI will consistently produce market-leading KPIs and will return measurable impact for the operation.

Capability highlights

Total Empty Km


Real-time Planning



Scalable To



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