Fleet Operator

The world’s first automated itinerary planning and tracking solution for FTL transport
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How it works


Fleet Operator provides a complete FTL itinerary from primary business data

Fleet Operator is connected to the transport management system for order information

Loading/Unloading Coordinates

To plan an itinerary for a trip, Fleet Operator is receiving the position of the loading and unloading points of the commercial order


During the itinerary planning, prebooked timeslot and just-in-time (JIT) arrival requirement are considered to guarantee high quality of service


Business constraints like secured parking, ADR, driving bans, and ferry compatibilities are considered for optimal execution

Fleet Operator calculates reliable ETAs and obeys EC561 at all times

Fleet Operator is connected to the telematics system for truck and driver information

Driver's tacho for EC561

It is critical in FTL transport to obey the EC561 driver regulation at all times during the trip. To calculate this Fleet Operator receives the current driver status and calculates all future status during the execution

Live GPS position

Fleet Operator continuously tracks the execution using live GPS data from the Telematics and re-optimizes the itinerary if a deviation is detected


AI engine

The engine calculates the optimal itinerary for FTL execution, considering different time, cost, and driving regulations just as a human dispatcher or operator

Nexogen network

Nexogen’s networks provide 360-degree visibility for the AI engine. It contains vast data sources for parking, ferries, tunnels, country-specific routing data, and more


Saves time

Automatic itinerary planning and tracking provides significant time saving for dispatchers and operators

Driving hours

Improve utilization of driver’s driving hours (EC561) for current and future trips

Optimization cost

The itinerary provided by the Fleet Operator is always valid and cost-optimized. It provides the perfect combination of quality services and low cost

Event detection

Automatic event detection help operators detect and handle unexpected incidents during the trip (delay handling, wrong parking, hot-spot, etc)


Provides reliable and real-time ETAs for all tasks in the itinerary at all times                 

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