The AI Engine for FTL Transport

NEXOGEN developed the industry’s most advanced on-demand optimization engine. It uses a purpose-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) that improves the way in-house teams plan and operate full truck load logistics.


Our AI engine runs in minutes instead of hours, this allows the planning team to effortlessly keep up with the rapid changes in data that occurs during the day.


Every FTL logistics company has its unique operating constraints and compatibilities, from different trailer types to regulations like the EC561 or licenses like ADR; the AI is flexible and adaptable to a variety of constraints.


We utilized scalable cloud technology to match the level of complexity that is required from planning thousands of asset and orders on a global scale.


AI will consistently produce market-leading utilization which returns measurable impact for the business in terms of cost and performance.

Planning and managing FTL logistics is one of the most complex business challenges in road transportation

To have a high performing AI in this field, the technology has to excel at four critical areas of performance:

Our solutions

Fleet Planner is an on-demand SaaS AI solution that supports in-house planners with better, faster and more scalable FTL cargo-to-truck planning capabilities.

Fleet Planner

The system receives cargo and truck data from the TMS system and then performs a global plan that can be reviewed and approved by the user.

Case studies

You can read our Waberer’s International success story, who is one of the largest FTL logistics company in Europe.


Waberer’s is a leading European full truck load transportation company. With a modern fleet of over 4300 trucks and around 8000 employees, Waberer’s serves a diverse customer base across 28 countries in Europe.

Vos Logistics

One of the key differentiators of VL is that they routinely include the splitting of loads into their plans to speed up transit time. This combined with the complexity of planning 1250 trucks put extreme pressure on the planning team.

Meet the team

We are a team of innovators driven to challenge the status quo of conventional logistics planning.

Walter Kusters
Adam Jermann
Andras Kovacs
Attila Kemeny
Judit Kecskes

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